• Assessment and treatment for endurance sport and equestrian athletic injuries

  • Aquatic exercise programs for use in your local pool

  • Exercise programming for patients with osteopenia/ osteoporosis
  • Sport specific programs for core stabilization

As an runner and endurance sport competitor for many years, Diana is familiar with the training regimes and workout stress of runners, cyclists, swimmers, and multi-event athletes. Diana has strong skills in assessment and identification of subtle compensatory movement patterns that can occur as result of overuse training. She educates clients with sport-specific exercises and functional core awareness to reestablishing correct movement patterns. She has over 25 years of experience helping athletes return to competition level fitness.

She also considers “life” to be a sport, and uses her experiences as physical therapist, coach and personal trainer to develop exercise, strengthening, and balance programs for recreational enthusiasts of all ages. She uses evidence-based practice to create healthy, safe exercise programs for patients who have been diagnoses with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

As part of her “life is a balance” motto, Diana has recently taken on the “art” of equestrian dressage and has rekindled her childhood passion for horses and riding. As a physical therapist, while taking lessons with Agape Dressage, she is appreciating the core balance challenge of this amazing sport. While discovering a new level of whole body involvement, she has had several opportunities to use her new learning to problem solve with other riders to optimize recovery from injury or simply hone their riding skills from a physical therapy perspective.

Hydro training recovery

Foam roller recovery

Underwater deep muscle massage

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